fredag 14. juli 2017

Usensurerte alternativ til de manipulerte mange bruker i dag

Be warned, once you start using these alternatives to heavily censored and data mined sites like Facebook or Twitter, you'll stick with them out of a pure sense of relief at not having to watch every word you say. 

Try them. You'll have to make your own mind up but I use most of them. Let us know what you think.

Gab. An uncensored alternative to Twitter but much richer in terms of content. Here you'll find all the news and gossip the mainstream media refuses to report.

Voat. An uncensored alternative to Reddit which is ruled nowadays by tin pot fascists just eager to pounce on you for a misplaced pronoun.

VIDME. An alternative to YouTube. Good monetarising options, no advertising and no censorship.

Infogalactic. An alternative to Wikipedia which is mercifully free of the sinister manipulations of creatures like William Connolley.

Bitchute. Another alternative to YouTube which is not so oppressively censored and offers significantly better options to monetarise content you upload. All a bit beta though.

Minds. An open source alternative to Facebook which I haven't tried yet. If you do, let us have your feedback.


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